New Coffee Table Including Large, Lockable, Gun Drawer

coffee table including lockable hidden drawer 2
3-D with drawer open. Large drawer will hold a large assortment of rifles and or shot guns, ammunition and any other valuable that you would like out of site and out of mind.

Coffee Table including large, lockable, hidden, gun drawer! I just completed the design on a New Coffee table including a large, lockable, hidden, drawer.  On the outside, it looks like a traditional coffee table. Inside the table you can store an assortment of fire arms, ammunition and other valuables that you would like out of site and out of mind. Because of the nature of things that will be stored in this compartment it is also lockable to keep children and others out of the compartment. The drawer will accommodate rifles and shot guns up to 53 inches in length.  This hidden drawer can also be configured to hold other items of your choice. The base is roughly thirty three inches wide and fifty nine inches long.  I offer it in a number of woods including walnut, quarter sawn oak and figured maple.

coffee table with lockable hidden drawer 1
3-D with drawer closed. Looks just like any old coffee table but inside it will keep your valuables locked up, out of sight and out of mind!

I have always been obsessed with hidden compartments and this Coffee Table including large lockable hidden gun drawer definitely fills that bill. I am in the process of putting together a prototype which will be displayed at the home shows I attend here in the Willamette valley.

This will be a made to order item and the drawer will be configured to your usage.

Please contact me with any and all questions in regards to this fine hand crafted piece of furniture. In your communication please indicate your wood of choice,  preferred finish (my standard is hand rubbed oil with three coats of wax), your zip code as well as the intended end use. Click Here for contact info! You can also check out the wood selection page by clicking here.

Please note: These are not cheap tables and are built to last for generations. If you are looking for cheap, go to Walmart or some other big box store that specializes in selling junk made in china or some other sweat shop country! This table, will run anywhere for $1,100.00 to $3,500.00 depending upon your wood selection plus shipping.

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